4 kinds of sex shop Korea

4 kinds of sex shop Korea

Sex toy industry in Korea has changed drastically in the last 6 years approximately, and we can see large and small sex shop around any city easily.

These newer stores are clean and bright inside. They are easy to find thanks to their location near main streets or sometimes on the main road.

Before this big trend, most of them were small shops at the coners. It was dark and smelled of cigarettes and so on, with an atmosphere that seemed a little difficult for a woman to go alone. We are sure that It would be difficult for foreigners even to see their signs.

Korea has a conservative culture where the sex industry can’t develop much, but recently there are many stores of their own. In this article, we will introduce sex shop Korea in 4 different types.

4 typs sex shop Korea

 4 Adult shop types in Korea
1Small and dark sex shop Korea
2Clean and modern sex toy store near main street
3Shop, vending machines only
4Online adults shop

Our shop (foxseoul.shop) is modern one in Seoul together with online mall in English comunication.

1. Small and dark shop

Small and old adult shop Korea
Old adult shop Korea

As mentioned above, it is adult product store that has existed steadily for a long time. It is on the 3rd or 4th floor or sometimes on first floor in a samll corner alley.

The signboard is not big enough and looks old, the customer base is usally over middle-aged men.

It is not a place with a variety of sex toys, but only sells basic products and operates until very late. So it is often used when a adult toy is needed late at night.

Also, not everyone prefers stores on bright, clean boulevards. There will be people who just want to visit quietly and buy without anyone being seen at night. This is a good store for these kind of consumers.

We will not recomend it to common foreigners.

2. Modern adult store Korea

Nowadays Korean sex shops are clean
Modern sex toys Shop Korea

In the last 6 years approximately, many bright sex shops have been opened.

It was a revolution of adult shops Korea. By changing to a brighter position, young customers in their 20s gained knowledge about sex toys and became consumers.

In addition, it provides an apportunity for Korean women who could not even think about sexually needs, to have an idea that they should make their sexual life better.

When this kind of clean stores first opened, all we thought that Korea is changing into the country that is very tolerant of sex toys and consumes a lot, just like Japan and the western countries. However it seems that culture cannot be changed in a short period of time.

The revolution time has passed, many newer sex shops has been closed. Because the new shops invested too much money to open and run their business but the Korean consumers are that big volume.

The new sex shop Korea opened a lot but closed soon
Many new trendy sex shop Korea opened but closed in 1~2years.

But as a good result, the sex shop Korea has become brighter and has come out to public area.

Our shop was opened in 2017 when just the revolution was started. Fortunately we still work not only for Koreans but foreigners.

We could recomend foreigners to visit these bright stores. Of course it will be difficult for comunicating with workers. But at least you could see some famous brand toys in easy place to go.

3. Shop, sex toy vending machines only.

Sex shop Korea with vending machine only [photo from Maritel]

This is a adult store that has been popping up a lot in the last 2 years. There are no workers, only toy vending machines are installed, and working 24/365.

This is a place where you can go alone and buy from a vending machine even at late hours.

However, the machine is different from the general beverage vending machine. It is recomended only for those who understand their instruction in Korean well.

Rather than being a cheap place, the advantage is that you can buy it late at night by yourself.

If you can read well Korean and have any Korean credit card, then you can try.

4. Online adult shop

Online sex shops korea

Of course, we cannot say about sex shop without online store. Online order and delivery to your address.

Since Covid-19, the online market has grown significantly. The sex toy business, too in Korea. Much more Korean consumers are ordering adult products from online mall.

Basically online malls are for Korean people who paying by Korean credit card or bank transfer without problem.

Unfortunately it has a little problem for foreigners. All online sex shop has a age verification system which is difficult for foreigners. All process are in Koreans.

age verification system in sex shop Korea online
All online sex toy shop korea need to block by age verification system

So if you can order sex toys via Korean online shop, you are the foreigner who speak Korean very well, almost like Koreans.

One of our customer told us, the best advantage of foxseoul.shop is that it is accessable without age verfication system in Korean language.

If you need a easy accessable adult shop Korea

If you can speak very well Korean, you can have all options. There is no problem at all to get sex toys from any Korean shop, even on online place, too.

But if you have difficulty to comunicate in Korean, visit our shop in Seoul or our online site. We foxseoul.shop try our best to offer adult products for foreigners living here.

We are not only focusing on English service, but also selecting all good toys in Korea

Thank you
Jung of foxseoul, sex shop Korea

Our location in Seoul

4 kinds of sex shop Korea

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