4 stamina foods Korea

Stamina food Korea

Special foods in Korea for people feeling tired easily

There are some customers in our sex toy shop who sometimes ask if there is Viagra, so we introduced the stamina foods Korea instead.

In Korea, there are many foods that the whole nation eats when they are getting weak. We usually eat a lot of these nutritious foods in the middle of hot summer or cold winter.

Rather than eating all these foods, each person choose the dishes that suit their body or prefer.

Also, what is unusual in Korea is that Oriental medicine divides people and food into yin and yang. It is also one of the ways to choose food with this theory.

People with a lot of yin (minus energy) are right about food with a lot of yang (plus energy), and people with a lot of yang (plus energy) are right about food with a lot of yin (minus energy).

For foreigners, I don’t think you need to think about this kind of oriental medicine. You can choose famous foods or foods that taste good to you.

Among these many Korean nutritious foods, there are stamina foods that are good for male virility. If you are a man with Korean friends, I think you have tried stamina food in Korea at least once.

We have eaten it at the freshest and most abundant time of the dishes. But there are many restaurants where you can eat at any time.

In this article, we will introduce 4 Korean foods that are known to be good for virility.

The famous 4 stamina foods in Korea

  1. Grilled eel
  2. Octopus soup
  3. Ginseng chicken soup
  4. Mud-fish soup

1. Grilled eel

EEL BBQ in Korea
Korean stamina food – EEL BBQ

When you think of stamina food in Korea, it’s the first food that comes to mind. Grilled eel, grilled over charcoal and seasoned. It’s a special dish that men love (women, too).

SUSHI with Grilled eel
Sushi with EEL

The Japanese grilled eel dish is also very popular.

In Korea, eel fish is cooked as like grilled, with sushi, and soup or stew, etc. But the most famous recipe is grilled eel.

The best season for grilled eel in Korea is May~June.

[Need to know before trying grilled eel]

It is not an easily digestible food, so the elderly or children will feel uncomfortable if they eat large amounts.

2. Octopus soup

Octopus soap
Famous stamina food Korea, Octopus

Just as famous as eel as stamina food is octopus.

There is a Korean proverb that says that even a fallen cow will jump up if it eats 2 octopuses.

The octopus is used to boil the hot water. Since it is a soup dish with octopus, it is often eaten in winter to prevent colds.

In addition, there are various dishes such as law (or alive) octopus, stir-fried octopus, etc.

Stir-fried octopus has a spicy flavor, and many people don’t like or can’t eat law octopus. Therefore, among the octopus dishes that are good for stamina, the most delicious dish is the soft pot soup with vegetables.

Since it is an octopus that has a cold nature, it is a food that is well suited for people who have a lot of heat in their body.

The best time for Korean octopus is fall.

[Need to know before trying octopus soup]

June ~ July is the nesting season for octopuses, so be careful if you eat law (or alive) octopus at this time, there is a risk of sepsis.

3. Ginseng Chicken soup

Samgyetang Korea
Ginseng chicken soup Korea

I don’t think there are foreigners living in Korea who don’t know Samgyetang.

A whole young chicken is stewed with glutinous rice, jujube, and ginseng to make a soup, which is Korea’s representative stamina food and has been introduced to many foreign countries.

It contains a famous herb called ginseng, and it is a food that adds energy to a body, especially durint hot summer days.

There doesn’t seem to be a specific time when the samgyetang is most delicious. But it is traditionally the most eaten food on the hottest days of summer.

[Need to know before trying Samgye-Tang]

It is a food that is boiled with ginseng and may not be suitable for people with a lot of heat.

4. Mud-fish soup

Boiled mud-fish soup
Mud-fish soup is stamina food Korea

Chu-eo-tang (mud-fish soup). It is a dish made with mud fishes and vegetables then simmered.

If a Korean friend introduced you to this soup and you have eaten it together, you are a foreigner who has been living in Korea for a long time. It has a strong Korean flavor and is often not liked by Koreans.

Due to its high calorie content, it has been a food that has been often eaten by the elderly and the sick. However, it is one of the representative food for male virility.

The time when mud-fishes are most caught and fattening is autumn.

[Need to know before trying mud-fish soup]

It is a food that has a warm heat, so people with fever or sweating should avoid consuming it a lot.

2 Korean wines, good for male virility

In addition to stamina food, there are some types of energetic drinking that are half joking and half serious in Korea.

Let’s introduce two Korean wines, good for man, found in bars or homes.

Korean stamina drinking
Wine made with berry and ginseng

Berry wine and Ginseng wine

Raspberries steeped in Korean soju for several months or more than one year. And ginseng soaked in Soju and drinking after a few months ~ years.

Especially raspberry wine is little sweet then women like it too.

If you drink it a lot, you’ll get drunk and won’t work.

Where to buy viagra in Korea

How to buy viagra in Korea

In Korea, you can get a prescription for Viagra at clinic and then buy it at a pharmacy.

Enjoy your staying in Korea
Thank you!

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4 stamina foods Korea

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