5 condom sizes in sex shop Korea

5 different sized condom in sex shop Korea

If you come to any sex shop Korea, you will see a variety of condoms. A half of them are Korean made, and the rest from other countries. Basically sex shops have condoms with good quality

There are latex or non-latex condoms in different sizes such as regular, small and large. In addition, we could find products with other features such as long love, thick head, dots or condom with warming lubricant.

Other common shop like a convenient store also sells condoms in Korea, but sex shop has more types and brands.

In this article, let us inform you the condom size (from fit to XXL) that you can find in sex shop Korea or convenient store like GS25, CU etc. If you need some special sized one, it will be helpful.

Condom size of Korea

Three standard sizes

Korean brands produce the international three sizes; Standard, Small and Large. Also those 3 sized products are imported as well.

  • The middle size : Norminal width 52±2mm
  • Small size : Norminal width 49±2mm
  • Large size : Norminal width 54±2mm

* Norminal width is special measure for condoms in the world. All condoms mention its size as norminal width.

Nominal width of condom
Source: www.27802211.com

1. Middle size condom

This is a international standard size. Most of them are this basic size eventhough the box doesn’t mention it. Just grap it at shop if you are comfortable with this common size. The condoms in Korean convenient store are this size only.

2. Small sized Korean condom

Small sized condoms in sex shop Korea
4 small condoms in Korea

There are 4 Korean brands with small sized condom. The box says “tighter” or “Slim” instead of small. There are some japanese brands too, but we are listing up Korean brand only.

Slim condom BrandWidthLongUnitsMaterial
DUO - Tigher fit48±2mm 180mm10pcsLatex
Feeling fit - Tigher slim49±2mm189mm8pcsLatex
Eve slim49±2mm160mm10pcsLatex
Barunsengak - Slim fit49±2mm160mm12pcsLatex

3. Large size condom

Like smaller size, larger sized condom also have fewer choices.

We put one japanese brand on the list for large condoms; Sagami 002, because it is is famous and well known among Korean guys.

Large condom BrandWidthLongUnitsMaterial
Sagami 002 Large58±2mm180mm6pcsPolyurethane
Eve Large54±2mm180mm10pcsLatex
Barunsengak - Large54±2mm180mm12pcsLatex
  • Polyurethane condom of Sagami 002 Large : It is less stretchy than Latex condom, then has tight feel. So this 58mm is smaller than Latex 58mm.

Two special sizes in sex shop Korea

XL XXL condoms at Sex shop Korea
Special size condom at Korean sex shop

In fact, condoms bigger than Large are often seen in foreign brands, but not in Korean brands.

Most of sex shop Korea do not have this big sized condoms due to a very small needs.

Some Korean customers asked us XL, XXL condoms then we stared to import them little by little. If you need these special sized condoms, here it is.

XL, XXL condoms at foxseoul adult shop

XL, XXL condoms in sex shop Korea
Big condoms Korea
Big condom BrandWidthLongUnitsMaterial
SKYN ELITE LARGE56±2mm190mm12pcsPolyisoprene
LOVENSE XL60±2mm190mm12pcsVegan Latex
MAGNUM XL58~65mm205mm12pcsLatex
DUREX XXL64±2mm230mm12pcsLatex

Please understand that the price is higher than regular condoms because it is imported a few directly.

Hope that it could be helpful to choose a good size while you are staying in Korea. More question, please contact us.

Thank you!

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5 condom sizes in sex shop Korea
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