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It reminds us that we introduced ourself in foxseoul.shop (our sex shop Korea) when we stared English service.

In 2017, we opened our first sex toy shop, then 3 years later 2020, we started selling sex toys for foreigners living in Korea with an English site. 

We could run sex toy shop Korea in English not only by the sex shop biz experience, but also our 10 years of international business experience and several years of living abroad. We could understand the difficulties of communication & culture difference if living in another country. 

Frankly, sex toy business in Korea is not easy. Promotional marketing is very difficult because there are many closed thoughts or taboo cultures about sex and government restrictions on the Sex shop biz.

Because of this background, foxseoul is not making a big boom, but in the meantime, many people have visited or ordered online.  We appreciate all of our customers.

It is sorry that sex toys here in Korea has higher price because of official restrictions, high costs for distribution and promotion, more than other products. 

These various reasons add up to the high price of sex toys in Korea.

Price is out of our control, but aside from that, we try to serve our customers responsibly. From the order to delivery, we really pay 2 or3 times more attention than Korean customers order. 

We will continue to do our best as I have done well so far. 

Here in our foxseoul blog, we are trying to let you know some more story about sex shop korea.

Happy december and warm winter in Korea.

Thank you
Jung, HeeKyoung / Dec. 2022
Online site: foxseoul.shop
Local shop : below map
We are Korean, so you will see some English errors in our blog (sorry).

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